Original text: Uri Duvald Andersen. President of GoodGood agency
Translation: Brian Vandenberg
From the book “101 kunstnere” 2016


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Ditte Sørensen aka Madstitch is one of those people you hardly forget. Her art as well as her personality are expressive and unique. This unpolished and sensual composition comes to life in Ditte’s images, which she creates on an old sewing machine. It often requires full immersion into
Ditte’s creations to realize the full scale of her talent.
Since Ditte’s education at the Danish Handcraft Guild in 2011 she’s had a comprehensive production of both custom assignments and her own art pieces displayed at various exhibitions. She’s 38yo,
originally from Jutland, but after a few years in Madrid and Hamburg where she met her husband, Ditte now resides in Copenhagen. After her formal education she apprenticed with textile artist Charlotte Yde, where Ditte discovered her passion for textile art, which subsequently became her


Ditte Sørensen’s style is experimental with an exceptional eye for materials and details. Her talent for the elusive and feminine particularly comes to life in subtle and often humorous ways. Always daring and telling a story, Ditte creates art no one’s ever seen before. Her technique is freehand embroidery on a sewing machine, performed on textiles, paper and water dissoluble fabric. Often she even incorporates audio into her pieces. Ditte’s art tells not only a story about its content, but also about its creation and its materials. Behind its porous structures and strings hides a rawness, that unfolds the same way as when Ditte tells the story about her thoughts behind it. The process is often chaotic and embossed with conscious errors where the process takes over. The result however is never coincidental. It is intensely driven by sublime craftsmanship and perfectionism to the most
minuscule details. Ditte remits stories and she’s not afraid of adopting herself into her art. In fact she creates her art for her own fulfillment, she says. Denmark and the Danish culture has been a recurring theme for Ditte, and her H. C. Andersen illustrations have reached as far as China. Through the years she’s received outstanding recognition for her art, which has been displayed at prominent places such as Trapholt and the H.C Andersen museum. She appears in numerous selective books and articles about contemporary Danish art, where she’s featured as a modern and innovative textile artist with flair and talent for creating enriching stories and imagery. Truth is, this is likely the real person behind Madstitch; A woman with a unique and fragile story, with a daring and uncompromising approach to her art and delivery